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Walls & Co.’s development of comprehensive decision support systems enables clients to better integrate their strategy and capital allocation processes. With this focus on developing workable and practical solutions to complex business problems, we develop customized, PC-based applications for decision-making, finance and valuation.

Recent solutions include:

A decision-science and econometric based model for bid decisions in the Gulf of Mexico. The SmartBid™ software was developed to meet the needs of exploration and development decision-makers who recognize that bid outcomes can be highly uncertain. By explicitly linking historical bidding behavior and a forward-looking decision analysis model, bid decisions are dramatically improved by increasing the chance of winning and avoiding the ubiquitous overbid or winner's curse that costs operators millions of dollars in overbidding.

SmartBid™ Product Brochure (Download PDF)

A comprehensive portfolio management system for an E&P firm.
This Excel/Visual Basic model provides analysts and decision makers with a powerful tool that leverages the capabilities associated with cutting edge portfolio analysis. Our unique approach combines both decision analysis and finance theory in a way that greatly improves the quality of decision-making for the client.

Portfolio Management (Download PDF)
Decision Analysis & Portfolio Management (Download PDF)

A complete financial and valuation model for alternative seismic imaging technologies.
This model integrates a deterministic and stochastic approach to valuation and provides decision support for technology adoption. This solution provides a practical tool for analyzing critical capital allocation decisions and their impact on firm performance.

A customized Excel package that integrates financial risk tolerance with asset and project valuations.
This solution provides guidance on important risk-sharing and joint venture decisions. It also provides important insight and guidance on E&P project decisions — decisions that align with overall business strategy.