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We employ a comprehensive and state-of-the-art approach to risk managment under uncertainty. We guide our clients to find innovative solutions and clarity in action that lead to value creation and improved performance.

Practice Areas
Our combination of business expertise, industry knowledge and technical superiority has proven exceptionally effective in:

Completed projects include:

Development of a customized competitive bidding model for a major E&P firm active in the Brasilian offshore basins

Provide guidance and a methodology for setting a corporate financial risk tolerance for a super-independent as part of an overall risk strategy

Collaboration with a major oil company to develop a comprehensive portfolio management approach to support the E&P business strategy

Acquisition and valuation analyses for a number of independent oil companies

Business strategy and portfolio management services for a large independent oil company that effectively integrated with the corporate strategy

Development of a finance and decision analysis-based decision model for a major coal producer

Advising a major integrated oil company on risk management policy and systems design for managing exploration risk in the capital allocation process

Development of a multi-criteria portfolio planning model for a large independent oil company that evaluates E&P projects based on the firm’s major business objectives

Assistance to an international group of exploration directors from a major oil company in developing a capital allocation model for risky investments

A study of corporate risk taking at a major oil company in order to provide the firm guidance on an appropriate risk policy for worldwide capital allocation decisions