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Michael R. Walls & Co. briefings and seminars are customized to meet each company’s specific needs. These public and private sessions provide an opportunity for management teams to explore the principles of effective decision-making, as well as build a common understanding of and commitment to improved performance.

Knowledge Base
We offer extensive teaching experience in executive programs and in-house briefings for numerous international oil and gas professionals. Dr. Walls has conducted courses for petroleum, mining, and related firms on finance, business strategy and risk management since 1989 and is well known for introducing advanced decision-making techniques in a manner that is understandable and applicable to a broad range of decision contexts. His “hands-on” knowledge and experience regarding the problems and decisions facing managers provides seminar participants with a unique perspective for solving complex problems.

(Private, Industry and Executive)

  • Managing Risks and Strategic Decisions in Petroleum Exploration & Production (Download PDF)
  • Risk Management and Decision Making in Upstream Petroleum
  • Finance for Non-Finance Supervisors
  • Capital Projects as Real Options: Evaluating Oil and Gas Projects
  • The Upstream Energy Industry: A Primer on Technical and Business Processes

Executive Briefings

  • Enterprise Portfolio Management Concepts at Work in Exploration and Production
  • Value Enhancement in the Minerals Firm: A Strategy for Implementation
  • Advanced Techniques in Risk and Portfolio Management in the Resource Sector

In-House Seminars

  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Risk Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Finance


Managing Risks & Strategic Decisions in Petroleum E&P:
Tulsa: September 19-21

Tulsa University Leadership Institute:
Tulsa: August 22-24